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modern contemporary

The Heart of Modern Contemporary Houses:  Double Volume Spaces as a medium of Connection

The modern contemporary aesthetic is defined by its sleek lines, open spaces, and a harmonious blend of materials. This style emphasizes the use of glass, steel, and natural wood, creating an elegant balance between industrial and organic elements. In a modern contemporary house, vastness is accentuated by features like double-volume spaces. The middle core, often with a double volume, serves as the heart of the home, ensuring the upper levels remain connected to the dining area below.

High floor-to-ceiling designs further enhance the sense of spaciousness, epitomizing a style that is both current and timeless. Luxury in this context is understated, with every detail meticulously considered—from architectural design and layout to the execution of interior finishes. The result is a living space that is both visually stunning and inherently functional, embodying the principles of modern contemporary design while ensuring comfort and livability.


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You're a home proud owner, that practices or seeks to live better.

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